9 Amazing Things that Happen When You Quit

I began vaping nearly a half a decade ago, drawn to it thinking it was a cool fun thing to do on a night out. Not realizing how addictive vapes are, vaping became my crutch, a false friend that I leaned on through stress and strain, making the idea of quitting seem distant and unattainable.

Over the years, I made half-hearted attempts to reduce my vaping, telling myself and others that cutting down was nearly as good as quitting. I’d set deadlines for myself, promising to quit by certain milestones, yet those deadlines would pass with little change. 

A new chapter in my life, marked by personal growth and a second chance at love, was the catalyst I needed to reevaluate my priorities. With newfound motivation to enhance every facet of my being, the urgency to quit vaping surged to the forefront of my goals. I recognized that going "cold turkey" wasn't feasible for me; I’d traversed the landscape of quitting aids, from apps filled with tips and encouragement to various nicotine replacement therapies, yet nothing stuck. That's when I discovered the NIXT StepDown Program.

Admittedly, I was skeptical. Could a structured program truly make a difference where others had failed? The answer, to my own astonishment, was a resounding yes. The gradual reduction in nicotine through the NIXT program was precisely what I needed. It wasn't just about curbing cravings—it was a holistic approach that respected my pace and acknowledged the psychological battle of quitting.

The transformation since quitting has been profound with some big upgrades that I experienced since starting my journey to a nicotine-free vapeless life.

Enhanced Lung Capacity

Within just a few weeks of quitting, my breathing improved and my chest felt less tight and constricted. You'll climb stairs, catch buses, and maybe even get into jogging with less huffing and puffing. It’s like unlocking a new level of stamina you never knew you had.

Sharper Mental Well-Being

Nicotine withdrawal is tough, but was definitely more manageable with the gradual reduction complimented with the Stress & Anxiety Relief supplements. Once you’re through it, there’s a notable uplift in mental clarity and emotional stability. The fog lifts, revealing a sharper, more present version of you, ready to tackle challenges head-on.

Return of Taste and Smell

Vaping numbs your senses of taste and smell. Quit, and you’ll soon notice how much more vivid and enjoyable meals are. It’s like rediscovering your favorite foods all over again, but in high definition.

More Spare Cash

Calculate your weekly, monthly, and yearly expenditure on vaping, and the numbers can be staggering. Quitting puts that money back in your pocket, funding life experiences, savings, or that gadget you’ve been eyeing.

Sleep Came Easier

Learning to manage my stress was vital to my quitting journey, and because I am now embracing these methods — as opposed to embracing my stress — my sleep has improved big time.

Improved Skin Health

Nicotine constriction means less blood flow to the skin. Once you quit, your skin gets more oxygen and nutrients, reducing acne and giving you a healthier glow. It's like a beauty treatment from the inside out.

Boosted Immune System

Vaping suppresses immune function. When you quit, your body regains its full capacity to fight off infections, meaning fewer colds and quicker recoveries. It’s your body’s way of thanking you.

Heart Health Happiness

Within just 20 minutes of quitting, your heart rate drops back to normal levels. Over time, quitting vaping decreases your risk of heart disease significantly, proving it's never too late to start caring for your heart.

A Sense of Achievement

Quitting vaping is no small feat in a world where stress triggers abound. Achieving this goal was a massive boost to my self-esteem and set a foundation for conquering even bigger challenges.

Quitting vaping isn’t just about saying no to nicotine; it’s a resounding yes to a richer, more vibrant life. It’s about reclaiming control and rediscovering joys you didn’t realize were dimmed. So, whether you’re motivated by health, wealth, or just plain self-respect, remember: every breath without a vape is a step toward a brighter future. Your journey to a vape-free life doesn't just lead you back to where you started; it propels you into a world brimming with untapped potential and unspoiled pleasures.

*This article is from the point of view of a former vaper.