What is the NIXT Program?

StepDown Program Image

The NIXT StepDown Program is a meticulously designed cessation journey that guides individuals through a manageable process of gradually reducing their nicotine intake. Utilizing a series of four distinct, easy-to-use devices, each calibrated to deliver progressively lower nicotine levels, the program transitions users from higher concentrations down to zero nicotine over a structured timeline.

This approach not only addresses the physical dependency on nicotine but also supports users in breaking the psychological habit, all while providing a supportive community and a suite of resources to educate, motivate, and empower individuals towards a healthier, vape free lifestyle. Through this personalized and phased approach, NIXT offers a compassionate and effective path to quitting, making the journey toward better health feel less daunting and more achievable.

  • Step One: Black

    The Courageous Start - Your journey begins with strength. This first step is about taking control, setting the foundation for a healthier, nicotine-free future.
  • Step Two: Platinum

    Embrace progress - You're on your way! Feel the difference as you reduce your nicotine concentration intake and your body starts to thank you. Every puff less is a breath closer to freedom.
  • Step Three: Gold

    Nearly There - With determination and resilience, you're pushing through. This step is your leap towards a life unbounded by nicotine, feeling clearer and more energized.
  • Step Four: Diamond

    Congratulations! - You've reached a milestone in reclaiming your health and freedom. Embrace your nicotine-free life with pride and profound achievement.

Customize Your Journey

We understand that each individuals journey may be different.Once you've started the NIXT StepDown Program we offer the ability for you to purchase each step individually, allowing you to comfortably progress at your own pace!